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As CEO of Homestead Builders, Jeremey Lawson knows how to build strong foundations. Jeremey was born in Iowa, and while many of the friends he grew up with were leaving the area, Jeremy decided to stick around. He attended college in the area, at Indian Hills Community College, and then started his own company from the ground up.

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CEO of Homestead Builders, Jeremey Lawson

Homestead Builders is a contracting company that specializes in barns, cabins, and turnkey homes. They have built structures in over 300 counties over several states. A contractor has a lot of responsibilities and knowledge is a must. Jeremey puts his decades of experience to work when he helps customers plan for, design, and then bring an idea to life. No matter the size of the project, Jeremey enjoys working not only for the client but with the client.

Bloomfield, Iowa is a small town with a population under 3,000. It is close to both the Illinois and Missouri borders and is about 2 hours from Des Moines. Growing up in a town like Bloomfield, Jeremey cultivated that quintessential Midwest charm that comes in handy when working with customers.

Whether he is building a literal foundation or one within his community, Jeremey is working hard to further his connections within the town in which he grew up.

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